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Run 3 Unblocked

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runRunning games have taken the gaming platform by storm thanks to their captivating game play. Though many running games are available to choose from, Run 3 Unblocked is basically the best out there. As the name suggests, Run 3 Unblocked is the third sequel from the now famous Run game. Designed for the flash mode of play, Run 3 Unblocked tests your ability to withstand speed and avoid falling into pitfalls as you try to reach your final destination. The main goal of this game is to run towards the end of your level, end of the road while at the same time, avoid falling into the many gorges and trenches available in your path. What happens is that, you get into a dangerous zone full of holes and trenches. Your main goal is to run towards the end of the road while avoiding falling into the holes. As you go through different levels, the intensity of the run increases while the number of pitfalls increases. Once you miss your step, your next destination is falling into space and starting all over again. The more levels you pass, the more wins and bragging rights you have for yourself. You can also switch the gravity of the game by running onto the walls. Run 3 Unblocked has been designed in such a way that, both experts and rookies can easily learn how to control the game at no extra strain. The main keys used are the four main control keys on your keyboard. You can run forward using the "Up key", go backward using the "Down key", move on different sides using the "Left and Right keys". You can also choose to use the "WASD keypads" to control the game. When it comes to jumping which is your main aim, you can use the "Space Bar" to jump. So, how well are you in jumping and avoiding pitfalls? Indulge yourself in Run 3 Unblocked to find out.

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